Trigun- Come on lets go!

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Been sitting on this piece for a while, I really like Tonis and Vash's relationship and in my heart Tonis doesn't blame Vash for what happened, it would be cool to see these two meet up again, when Tonis is older...



Vash and Meryl were in a middle of a argument about height differences and Millie pulled out a camera and took a pic. It was an effort to get them to stop fighting, it kind of

Trigun- Donut Report

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I made this as cover art for my notion section that completely dedicated to Veryl or what I like to call Donut Report. I grew up in the era of fandom where peeps would give ships alternate ship names that weren't just the two mains names smashed together. I call this ship Donut Report because in British English, the term Donut is used for someone who is really clumsy, makes alot of mistakes and is kind of dumb, and I thought that term fit Vash perfectly (at least on a surface level, lol). Plus the homie just love him some donuts, so yeah, there you go!  The reporter part is kind of obvious because Meryl's a report in Stampede, another name for this ship could be Donut insurance but that just doesn't sound as cute, lol...

Trigun- Typhoon At Rest



I finished Stampede a few days ago, and really liked it. I wanted to make more fanart while it was still airing, but I think that (with the amount ideas I kept/keep adding to the list is impossible), so I'm going to try to spread the T-gun fanart content as long as I have these ideas, I wanted to complete them even if I dont think or even feel like it, because I do think these ideas are good....

Anyways, this is just a drawing of Vash taking a nap with Kuroneko, while sleeping SOMEONE comes along and gives him a kiss (a thing I hope to elborate on later), but I doubt they'll confess to it.

The shading on this is admittingly  unfocused, but I think it still came out pretty good. This is the first drawing where I really tried to think about the shading and everything, again I think  it came out really cute which is all that I really wanted from this drawing.

Trigun- Good Soup


Nothing much to add here other than a pic of YA boi enjoying a cup of noodles, prolly' being called on by Meryl or Wolfwood in the background off screen or maybe Roberto? The reason for the Shadow poster is because in the ref pic I was using it had a poster of a person looking like they were in agony, and the pose just gave  me  Shadow vibes. Both Shadow and Vash were made in a lab, both struggle with their own humanity (or humanity struggles with understanding or accepting them), both lost motherly/sisterly figures when they had to escape from their spaceships, and both have red and black in their color schemes. I shared this on  a discord and one of my homies said that Vash looks like someone who would be a Shadow fan, so that's my new headcanon for Vash, which makes more sense the more you think about it, lol.

I know neither SEGA or Shadow himself exist in  the Trigun universe (to current knowledge)---I don't know I dont want to have every post with fanart be like "Oh, I know this didn't happen in the show BUT" or "I know this doesn't exist in the universe BUT"--- its fan art okay, anything can happen. When I make fanart (and fic) I tend to lean more towards to the fluff/romantic/comedy/with a little bit of chaos---OKAY? I'm not gonna make a one to one thing unless its like a style or some type of art study piece--Okay? okay!

Again, that side ramble was more for me than anyone who would be actually reading this, I'm pretty sure the average person online (espically anyone who hasn't touched grass in AGES)  understands the realm of fanart and how far it can go with references to other media and things...

Yeah, still trying to get over that hump.

Trigun-Cat Bath


The story behind this pic is that Vash tried to give Kuroneko a bath by himself, but the little kitty managed to overpower the humanoid typhoon, and this was the result. I plan to make a short comic with a similar concept to this but featuring more Donut Report/Varyl fluff content.  At the time of posting, I'm only on ep 2 (with the pace of the dub releases), I partially feel bad that none of my art is really current plot related, but that's LITERALLY what fluff is and what it was made for. Especially for a show like Trigun Stampede, which seems to be taking a much DARKER turn (at least quicker turn to a darker tone) than the OG did, I don't mind that I mean enjoyed Made In Abyss and To Your Entirety just fine and those shows can get advanced darkness at times---I don't know it's prolly something  dumb  my anxiety came up with to stop me from making fanart, oof. 

Still trying to get over the fanart insecurity hill, its a literal uphill battle, but I really like Trigun (both versions) and its characters, but I have to admit part of  me still feels like I'm doing something wrong, but I'm not going to listen to that part of me because I feel like I have some really cute banger ideas, and I just really want to see Vash and Meryl be happy, DARN IT!