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Shop Talk- Blender and Hair

Been a min since I've been on here talking abt stuff, gonna try to change that oof!

Anyway, I've been learning how to make hair in blender, since I want to make hair for my OC models and models for characters I like whose models  I cant get thru downloading, so Imma just make myself.

Here's  the current WIP of me making Yaeka from Yakuza's Guide To Babysitting, I started with her since her hair was the easiest for me to understand, although I would like to make Vash and Prompto some time (curse me for liking scrawny  mf'ers with a cool complex hair style)...

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Getting Back Into Webcomics

Its like 3 am Idk how long this post is gonna be, I HATE making short posts for no good reason but I really want to get my ideas down SOMEWHERE, so here we are! Back in the day, I used to make comics out of the wazoo, any time I got my hands on a piece of paper, I would make it into a comic. It wasn't until a few years ago when I really REALLY REALLY tried to make myself a popular webcomic artist at the age of 19, that I kind of lost my mojo. Mostly, because I was hosting my comics on Tapas, but when I found out that if my comic got popular,  Tapas basically had the rights to yeet the rights of my comic right out of my hands. 

Yeah, and I wasn't having that so I basically just STOPPED making comics because I felt like I had no place to put them that would actually get attention, but now since I've learned how to code and recently realized that I could host HTML files on my typepad account plus having my neocities, I decided to get back into it. I have 3, well,  2 big comic ideas that I want to revamp and one new one I would like to play around with...

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