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Project Log 2: Making stuff again

Ok, so last month was freaking hard for me, I was on roll with working on my project I was working on my site, making downloads, making models, and making that FREAKIN' ICE CREAM TRUCK! (NEVER AGAIN!)! I feel into a really bad place and I was really out of it for weeks and didn't feel like working on anything, and at the same time I felt bad for not working on stuff, and whenever I try to work on stuff I would get major aniexty attacks! So, I started to do some more "self care" (I really dont like that word), I started journaling, and pacing myself by writing down what I wanted to do and what projects I wanted to work on, and just basically start taking better care of myself and start actually taking in accout of my mental health. Its gotten better and I have been feeling better its not a complete turn around but you know baby steps n' stuff...Anyway, on to my stuff....

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Project log: Mannequins twins, Hats, Ice cream truck

Hello, and welcome to my first project log post, a post where I go over and reflect on whatever project(s) currently have my attention

This week spent a lot of time working on clothes and object for the 3D animation/render program called MMD (Miku Miku Dance), that I made in Blender. I've been doing this because I saw a lot of other MMD'ers (people who use and make assets for MMD) uploading downloads for clothes and objects they made, also people were sharing screenshots of their WIPs in the mmd discord server I'm in. It looked fun and challenging so I thought I might try my hand at it too. This wasn't the first time I made clothes in Blender for MMD, the first time I did I made a cute hoodie that I saw on Pinterest, but due to my novice skills (and not even using a base as a well....base to make sure the clothes actually fit like clothes on the model oof) it came out pretty weird and blocky.

Screenshot 2021-02-18 180143

Screenshot 2021-02-18 180820

The next time I tried making a shirt was with  my Birch Small model I made a few months ago...

Bandicam 2020-11-08 02-14-11-474

I think it's the best shirt I made so far honestly, it's the only clothing items where the collar doesn't turn into a weird square shape (yeah still trying to work that kink out)

I also quickly whipped up some new models in PMX editor (a companion application that allows the uses to make and edit models specifically for MMD), I got really hung up and debating whether or not to make extra facial morphs for these model ( facial morphs are another thing I would like to challenge myself with in MMD/PMX especially mouth morphs because you can make some pretty expressive faces with those), so I just settled on the standard ones that came with face edits, and just edit the skin texture (which came out pretty good) and the eyes a bit.


The two models are twins, named Manny and Quinn (get it heh) , I made up a back story for them where they just two young adults who like fashion, and like to go thrifting and like to upcycle clothes and they show off their haul on a late-night public access show (that their mom got for them for their birthday). Sometimes they'll also show weird miscellaneous objects they find while thrifting and Quinn likes to show off the results of her baking skills.

So yeah, that's a story

I started with just making simple clothing items like a hat, then upgrade to an outfit, then quickly escalated to an ice cream truck oof...

Preview 1

Okay, so at first I wanted to make some ice cream/popsicle models to practice make models out of simple shapes in Blender based off of this ice cream truck menu I found on Pinterest...

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