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Making of : Fuwa Cans

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In my spare time, I like to watch Japanese pov vids of people just walking around town, and sometimes I like to watch convenience store videos and videos of people checking out cool new vending machines around Tokyo. One really cool vending machine that was really popular recently was the canned cake vending machine, I thought it was a really cute idea, and after watching a few videos of people checking it out I decided to try a replicate the cake cans in Blender and if I'm really happy with how it turns out, I'll put them up for download in MMD.

So yea, here's my process in doing that....

First, before anything I rewatched all the videos and took screenshots using the youtube screenshot extension. I took screenshots of the can from all the angles that the YouTubers took it from (which was kind of just one angle, oof), a screenshot of what it looks like without the lid, partially eaten, and a screenshot of a forkful cake and the vending machine itself, if I feel ambitious enough to try a model a forkful of cake or the vending machine itself for an extra flex....


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Making Of: CHILDERN????

    Oof, I feel like I'm always making "Making Of" post about me making models, but I really like doing these post so "OH WELL"! Anyway, a few days ago I got my hands on a really cute toddler/baby base model, I remember back in the old  MMD days there were some baby/toddler bases but now there no where to be found on DA, I chalk that up to do either the account that used to host those downloads were deactivated or maybe too many weirdoes did too many weirdo things idk, there are still like child bases the one made by Kiskisbellas seem to be pretty popular but there haven't been ANY cute baby/toddler bases until a few days ago, I was scrolling through Insta because that's what you do as a young 20-something, seeing that other peeps were up to both art-wise and life wise. One of the people I follow named Cosmo made a story about how to make baby/toddler bases because they recently been showing off some really cute baby OCs recently, I tried to follow the tutorial but it kind of got a little Oof on my end when it came to down sizing the arms (DARN U CHILD BASE ARMS!!!), so instead of making myself go insane, I decided to just ask Cosmo for help (for once). I DM'd them and they responded pretty quickly, and I suggested to them that maybe it would be cool to put the base up for download (for those of us who are having a hard time following the story tutorial). Cosmo really seemed to like the idea, so they give me a link to the base download, and later that day the base was up for DM download.

So, when I got the base I was SO psyched, I've been meaning to make some kid clothes too for the MMD community, but not just for Kiskisbellas' kid base but for Cosmo baby/toddler base as well. I did make a separate edit of Cosmo toddler base just to make it a bit taller but not as tall as Kiskisballs' kid base...



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