Donut Report

Uh, A Little Privacy, PLEASE, GEEZ!


Meryl: "Hey, I haven't you heard of a little thing called KNOCKING, geez.."

Vash: inconherent mumbling and giggle like a lovesick dork

 Caught in an intimate moment, (is this intimacy , idk dawg I think god put a buff on me from completely understanding that concept, lol)



Vash and Meryl were in a middle of a argument about height differences and Millie pulled out a camera and took a pic. It was an effort to get them to stop fighting, it kind of

Trigun- Donut Report

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I made this as cover art for my notion section that completely dedicated to Veryl or what I like to call Donut Report. I grew up in the era of fandom where peeps would give ships alternate ship names that weren't just the two mains names smashed together. I call this ship Donut Report because in British English, the term Donut is used for someone who is really clumsy, makes alot of mistakes and is kind of dumb, and I thought that term fit Vash perfectly (at least on a surface level, lol). Plus the homie just love him some donuts, so yeah, there you go!  The reporter part is kind of obvious because Meryl's a report in Stampede, another name for this ship could be Donut insurance but that just doesn't sound as cute, lol...