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Art Fight 2023, bby!

This year I finally feel good enough to be apart of Art Fight again! I've been in Art Fight 2020 and 2021 but I was really feel up for joining Art Fight 2022, but this year I tried to make a comeback in the AF scene. For those who dont know, Art Fight is an yearly art trading event, every artist gets put on teams and artists on each team take turn drawing characters from artist on the opposite team for points, whichever team that gets the most points, WINS! What do those teams win you may be asking! NOTHING, but a neat badge with crown and rights to say that you were on the winning team!

For me art fight isn't about being on the winning team, but testing my art skill and facing new art challenges! I always try to give myself a personal art goal when starting each Art Fight season, this year I wanted to reach 20 attacks (as in drawing other artists' OCs) and boost my overall Art Fight stat to 20. The overall stats count all the attacks I've done from the previous Art Fights I've been in at the start of this Art Fight it was at 13, so kicking it up to 20 wasn't really a problem.

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