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Art Fight 2023, bby!

This year I finally feel good enough to be apart of Art Fight again! I've been in Art Fight 2020 and 2021 but I was really feel up for joining Art Fight 2022, but this year I tried to make a comeback in the AF scene. For those who dont know, Art Fight is an yearly art trading event, every artist gets put on teams and artists on each team take turn drawing characters from artist on the opposite team for points, whichever team that gets the most points, WINS! What do those teams win you may be asking! NOTHING, but a neat badge with crown and rights to say that you were on the winning team!

For me art fight isn't about being on the winning team, but testing my art skill and facing new art challenges! I always try to give myself a personal art goal when starting each Art Fight season, this year I wanted to reach 20 attacks (as in drawing other artists' OCs) and boost my overall Art Fight stat to 20. The overall stats count all the attacks I've done from the previous Art Fights I've been in at the start of this Art Fight it was at 13, so kicking it up to 20 wasn't really a problem.

Reaching this battle stats to 20 was a bit daunting, since I've never completed 20 AF attacks before, so I just switched to the starter goal of 5 since its been a min since I've been in AF. I had to add some new characters to my AF rouster, so I added Dove and Flashbang to the party. I added Dove in hopes of fighting more peeps with magical girl OCs or witch OCs and with Flashbang I added him in hopes of meeting more peeps with himbo OCs.

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I was going to refresh my old refs, but I slacked so long on AF prep that I was only able to add Dove and Beau, and just had to keep my crusty semi-outdated AF refs, but my OCs still look cute so its all good!

I've joined AF discord to chat with some other other AF peeps, and used the target hunting chat to post my AF profile for others looking for artists to attack. I meet some cool people and added their OCs to my hitlist/bookmarks. The more and more I started to take part in AF, the more I felt the old fun vibes from the first time I joined AF return. Where I live AF didn't start for me until 2:00 pm, so I was able to get some last mintue prep done before the big day (even with the site being kind of slow). I quickly sketched up a chibi verison of my sona, updated my about me blurb, scoured DA for AF-related graphics, and Radiotrophic for some blinkie swag! I even added a cute gif of Meta Knight from Kirby, along with his signature quote!

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Oh, I forgot to mention, every year the AF peeps give everyone taking part the event a card, so that they can display their main OCs and what kind of OCs they're looking for to attacks and what characters they have in their party...

image from

Oh, oh, and another thing I forgot to mention was that every year the art fight teams are spearted by whatever theme the AF staff comes up with, this year the theme was the classic vamps vs werewolfs! I picked team werewolf because I was mostly thinking of my OC, Colt, whose...well..a werewolf. I completely forgor that I had other OCs that were also vampires, like Ambi and Yuki (ironically Ambi and Yuki were the most popular in terms of attacks this year). 

Originally I was going to go over each attack I did, but I'm just going to highlight the pieces I think really stood out this year and put my art skills to the test (not to say I did try my best on all of the attacks I did,lol) ....

image from www.ashsashes.comThis one features two OCs, Maxi and Galena, Maxi is a mostly immortal being and best friend of Galena. I drew this comic of Maxi pretending to be a powerful vampire, since he has no vampire weakness, but Gelena knowing Maxi and his foolishness knows Maxi's one and only weakness...dairy! which makes Maxi surrender completely!

I'm proud of this piece because I was able to make a cute short story, and I was able to make a comic that didn't over stay its welcome. I think I was able to capture the personality of these two pretty well.  The final panel is my favorite because I don't think I'm that strong when it comes to drawing background so I really tried my hardest with this piece, and I was just going off of the stuff I learned about Galena through her toyhouse page and character sheet. I made the walls and over all color scheme of the house to match Galena's character sheet. With Maxi, I was really proud that I was able to draw his little butterfly buddies, which is kind of a common motif with his character. I really like how the background colors of the panel of when his trying to spook Galena and when he gets freaked out by the milk really contrast with on another. The final thing I'm proud about this piece was the fact that I told this story with using any dialogue. 

image from

This attack features EchoTulf's Pokemon Trainer Oc, Zeth training her Magby on how to tame their fire skills. I'm proud of this piece because this was my first time drawing a pokemon character at least digitally, and it come out pretty great! I think I did a really good job on Zeth's poses too, althought I feel like the background could use some work (again I'm not the best with background), but at least it looked like SOMETHING! The effects on Zeth's hair was the first time I've ever drawn a hair shine effect like that. Now looking at the piece I feel like the colors on Magby themselves could be a little bit brighter but that fact doesn't really like ruin the piece or anything. Its still awesome for my first try of drawing a pokemon. 

image from

This attack features WireFrameArson's Splatoon OC, Koya, an Ocotling escapee form the underground, and my Splatoon OC, Fuschia.  This piece takes place during break time at the local part time job in Splatsville Grizzco. Koya is very diligent and work focus Octoling, so he spends his break time polishing the fish eggs that the team collected during shift time, so that they look extra shiny and that the boss, Grizz gives the team a boost in their pay.  Fuschia is more a chill, laid back inkling so she spends most of her break time socializing and eating, Fuschia tries to make a friend out Koya by offering him some food she got from the snack shack, but little does Fushcia know that Koya prefers squid leg grapes over grease mall food, but he appreciates the gesture...

If you haven't read any Splatoon lore that prolly didn't make any sense, but in terms of skills, I'm VERY VERY proud of this attack. As I mentioned before, I'm not the best at backgrounds, so I really pushed myself with this piece. I took alot of references from the Splatoon wiki and the game itself, the background is actually based off of a corner of Grizzco that can be seen in game...

image from

I added some more stickers to the bullet board because I feel like the inklings and octolings (or more likely the inklings ) would be the type to slap up stickers on the bulleten board just cuz. The gear under the table is the special gear that could only be obtain after working so long at Grizzco. 

image from

I couldn't find an in-game refernece or any Splatoon refs in general for squid leg grapes, but I thought it would be an important detail to add since that is listed as a fave food of Koya on his characer page. I had to look up sea grapes to get a somewhat accurate ref of what I think squid leg grapes would look like. The food that Fushia is both eating and holding is based on in-game consumables that boost your octoling/inkling skills and the money they make in battle...

image from

I've very proud of the amount of details I put into this piece, the only thing that still bugs me is that I don't feel like Koya and Fushia properly stand out from the background as much as they should, while making this piece I thought that had something to do with the coloring (which is still kind of strange tbh), but now looking back it at I think it had to do more with the light weight. I think I accidentally made Koya and Fuschia the same weight as the background that's what's really making hard for them to stand out. Nonetheless, I'm still proud of this drawing and I think it has a TON of character in it!

In the end I was able to reach my overall stats to 20, but I wasn't able to reach my current battle stat to 20, I only got about half way! I think the problem why I only got half way is that I think I did to many big attacks (pieces with stories, large pieces with bgs, pieces with alot of details)  instead of doing more simpler smaller ones (i.e bust, half-bodies, chibis, etcs). I think next year, I'm going to try to start small (literally) and then near the end start doing bigger pieces, but I think I'm only going to limit myself to doing only like 1 or 2 really big pieces...

All in All, I think it was a pretty good Art Fight this year, I made a comeback personally, and when I really got going it felt like I never really left! Here's hope that next year's AF is just as good!

Later days~



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