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Trigun- Come on lets go!

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Been sitting on this piece for a while, I really like Tonis and Vash's relationship and in my heart Tonis doesn't blame Vash for what happened, it would be cool to see these two meet up again, when Tonis is older...

Shop Talk- Blender and Hair

Been a min since I've been on here talking abt stuff, gonna try to change that oof!

Anyway, I've been learning how to make hair in blender, since I want to make hair for my OC models and models for characters I like whose models  I cant get thru downloading, so Imma just make myself.

Here's  the current WIP of me making Yaeka from Yakuza's Guide To Babysitting, I started with her since her hair was the easiest for me to understand, although I would like to make Vash and Prompto some time (curse me for liking scrawny  mf'ers with a cool complex hair style)...

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