Trigun- Good Soup
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Trigun- Typhoon At Rest



I finished Stampede a few days ago, and really liked it. I wanted to make more fanart while it was still airing, but I think that (with the amount ideas I kept/keep adding to the list is impossible), so I'm going to try to spread the T-gun fanart content as long as I have these ideas, I wanted to complete them even if I dont think or even feel like it, because I do think these ideas are good....

Anyways, this is just a drawing of Vash taking a nap with Kuroneko, while sleeping SOMEONE comes along and gives him a kiss (a thing I hope to elborate on later), but I doubt they'll confess to it.

The shading on this is admittingly  unfocused, but I think it still came out pretty good. This is the first drawing where I really tried to think about the shading and everything, again I think  it came out really cute which is all that I really wanted from this drawing.


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