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Trigun- Good Soup

Trigun-Cat Bath


The story behind this pic is that Vash tried to give Kuroneko a bath by himself, but the little kitty managed to overpower the humanoid typhoon, and this was the result. I plan to make a short comic with a similar concept to this but featuring more Donut Report/Varyl fluff content.  At the time of posting, I'm only on ep 2 (with the pace of the dub releases), I partially feel bad that none of my art is really current plot related, but that's LITERALLY what fluff is and what it was made for. Especially for a show like Trigun Stampede, which seems to be taking a much DARKER turn (at least quicker turn to a darker tone) than the OG did, I don't mind that I mean enjoyed Made In Abyss and To Your Entirety just fine and those shows can get advanced darkness at times---I don't know it's prolly something  dumb  my anxiety came up with to stop me from making fanart, oof. 

Still trying to get over the fanart insecurity hill, its a literal uphill battle, but I really like Trigun (both versions) and its characters, but I have to admit part of  me still feels like I'm doing something wrong, but I'm not going to listen to that part of me because I feel like I have some really cute banger ideas, and I just really want to see Vash and Meryl be happy, DARN IT!  


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