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Pg1 ed


Pg1 ed
Pg1 ed

Oof, here's some Trigun art, I've only watched the dub so imma like 3 eps behind, but I plan to make more Trigun fluff art along with more fanart in general as one of my new years goals. (I'm also gonna try not to make everything a comic bc it always takes MUCH longer than I anticipate), and I going to try to post any art I make on here first before posting it on soicals (at least the ones I'm really proud of, even if its just some sketches). 

My sister told me that this was OOC for both Vash and Meryl but it tracked for me, and my only goal with this was just to make something cute, not like a fix it fic or anything. Not like Trigun really needs any fixing.

In terms of this piece, I'm really proud of how the paneling came out and some of poses, honestly I could have done better on Vash's intial pose but I really wasn't sure where I wanted him to face. His mech arm is a OOF to draw, I haven't really gotten an good refs for it yet since the wiki is still kind of bare on 2023 ref pics.  I feel like the panel where Meryl looks thru his glasses could have been better, although I'm not sure how, maybe adding a glare effect.

The overhead shot came out wayy better than I expected, during sketching it looked pretty MID but I was able to clean it up into something cool!

Again, all of this is noncanon, and just for fluff, even if I do eventually catch up with the show, I doubt my perspective on making this fluff stuff well change, oof!

Btw Dount Report is my personal ship nickname for these two....


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