(MMD Downloads) On1yAesthetic's Ichigo House- Strawberry Trash Cans
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MMD Downloads- On1yAesthetics:Tako Luka Cafe Fuwa Cans 1.5.0 (AutoLuminous Morph Update)

Update preview

Yoo, I added an update to the vending machine for the Tako Luka Fuwa Cans, I learned how to make some light morphs so here you go!


Mesh by Cinderpeach/On1yhere4Aesthetics
Texture by Cinderpeach/On1yhere4Aesthetics
Realistic Cake Textures by Istock
Tako Cafe Logo by Moroheiya(葱畑P)

Render Credit:
ShortCake Slice by CabbageBowl (Cake slice not included)
Tako Luka by Sangabc
Tako Luka Cafe/Tako Luka TakeOut Bag by Moroheiya(葱畑P)
Playground Stage by AmiAmy111
Garden Stage by Yoshi-Akirai

DA Rules📕:

Good Idea (D0)✔️:

  • Edit Textures
  • Credit me ( Cinderpeach/on1yhere4aesthetics) 
  • Editing in general (if you up for it, just credit me tho')


  • Do not redistribute unless on a finished model
  • Do not claim as your own

Download On1yAesthetic-Tako Luka Cafe Fuwa Cans ver. 1.5.0


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