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[MMD Downloads]On1yAesthetics BJD Insipired Fits- Animal Patterned Sweaters

On1yAesthetics BJD Insipired Fits- Animal Patterned Sweaters
On1yAesthetics BJD Inspired Fits- Animal Patterned Sweaters

Here's another clothing series, I'm thinking about doing. I really admired the designs for BJD and Nendorids clothes, and since I don't have enough money IRL to have a BJD or a custom Nendoroid, using the designs to make cute clothes for MMD models will have to do for now. Same with the Animal Crossing New Horizen designs series (which is a thing I'm still doing), I'll gladly take this down if the original designer has a problem with it. I mean no harm or ill-will when making stuff like this I just think the designs are neat.

The rigging on this model might be a little wonky in some places (I'm STILL learning...oof) but it still looks pretty cute in my opinion.  

6 Animal Prints:

  • Duck
  • Bear
  • Corgi
  • Pig
  • Panda
  • Sheep

Both Fem and Masc Fits (Fits Morphable TDA Normal Base and Jjinomu Base)


Animal Prints by me

Original Design by BJDHouse on Esty

Checkered Patterns by LadyWretched 

DA Rules📕:

Good Idea (D0)✔️:

  • Edit Textures
  • Credit me ( Cinderpeach/on1yhere4aesthetics) 
  • Editing in general (if you up for it, just credit me tho')


  • Do not redistribute unless on a finished model
  • Do not claim as your own

Download On1yAesthetics BJD Insipired Fits- Animal Patterned Sweaters

MMD: They're Gonna Love You....

They're gonna love you

"Come on, this way"

"I'm not sure about this, Agent 4. I-I think I'm scared"

"SCARED?! you just took down that creepy zombie jelly dude, like A BOSS, and you're scared of a few squid kid!"


"Don't worry about it, Cherry! You're super fresh, everyone's gonna love you!"


"Yeah, that's the nickname since it's kind of weird to call you Agent 8.."

"N-nick name?"

"Yeah, it's what friends do! Oh, my name is Fuschia by the way, you don't have to keep calling me agent 4"


"Whoa, you never had a friend before, huh? Don't worry I'm happy to be your friend, and you'll make tons more I promise!"


Oof, I think may get back into making splatoon stuff rather that be fics, drawings or renders like this one, I wanted to make some SFM but it was flickering then my laptop started to overheat, then SFM crash so I think I'm just gonna stick with MMD for now,,,,,,,

Art log 2: Doing stuff

oof, its been a min since I made the last log post, ALOT of stuff has happen since then but I rather talk about that on my main blog than here and when the time of the change actually comes because if I talk about it now I'm just gonna get SUPER anxious about it, here on this blog we talk about art, and sometimes coding stuff for my neocities.

In terms of art I've been making strides I guess, I finally redid bliss's model, well, I least redid her expression before I made the expression on separate faceplates that were attached to the head bone, and I thought I could just swap between the visibility between the facials, but then I realized that would be TOO MUCH MAN, so I decided to finally learn how to properly set up 2d facial expression for animations. With the help of the youtube channel, The Observatory, who makes some really go character modeling tutorials on blender, I was able to make a semi-decent facial silder thingy....

Let's totally forget about the fact I had to do this TWICE because blender didn't save all the hard work I did the FRIST time around, but we're just gonna pretend that didn't happen for the sake of my sanity. But, yeah dem expression be looking pretty bussin', I hope to make a """""GAME"""""""" similar to with michelle on neocities did with her characters where she made them a little room people could walk around and interact with objects, or just have a bunch of pretty stuff to look at like in Olivia Haines', Doll house game or her Y2k girl game on 

Speaking of games, i've been drawing up the assets for another dress up game this time featuring my own character, Yuki. I wasn't sure if the game was gonna look good at first but once I got into it, I started to really like the results....

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