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Download Post: On1yAesthetics Soft Strawberry Toy Oven

Soft Strawberry Toy Oven
Aye, its been a min since I've made anything in blender, so to get back into the swing of things I decided to make more toycore/kidcore stuff, I was gonna make a series of these ovens (and I'm still gonna) but homies on discord really seemed to like the look of this piece so I decided "way not?" and just put this one for download. These ovens are based on a series of toy ovens that pop up on my feed and I thought they looked cute and I wanted to see if I could make in blender and I did! and I'm going to it again!.....later...but for now here's the soft strawberry toy oven...

Sorry if this isn't in my typical infomercial aesthetic is just that's like 1  am and I'm feeling lazy..oof

On1yAesthetics Soft Strawberry Toy Oven


  • Matching teapot, pan, sugar, and salt shaker/container 
  • Moveable Doors, Knobs, Drawer and removable lids (Teapot and Pan)
  • 3 Silver- (No teapot, No pan, Larger (size) slider)
  •  Oven can grow 2x its original size

DA RulesπŸ“•:

Good Idea (D0)βœ”οΈ:

  • Edit Textures
  • Credit me ( Cinderpeach/on1yhere4aesthetics)
  • Editing in general (if you up for it, just credit me tho')


  • Do not redistribute unless edited
  • Do not claim as your own

Download On1yAesthetics Soft Strawberry Toy Oven