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Digi Art log 1#: Back into the art thing

Its officially been two months since I posted any art-related thing because its been two months since I've DONE anything art-related or anything at all really. All of that is due to reasons I won't be going into on this blog, maybe I'll talk about it on my main, I'm thinking about making a neocities page for it but that might be giving too much attention, let's just say things in my life IRL are going to be changing for the better, it will be a big change, and I'll probably ghost again before coming back in FULL uninterrupted swing, but for now I would like to take the few moments or days where I remind myself that I do have control in what I chose to do for today (at least artistically) and document it here for myself and others to look back on.

To get me back into the habit of drawing, I decided to make sketch warm-ups a part of my artistic routine. When I was younger I never really understood the importance of sketch warm-ups I just wanted to start drawing, but after actually doing warm-ups made me feel more confident in my drawing skills at least for today. I was feeling like my drawings were feeling really stiff and I wasn't really sure why, until I really thought about it and I never really got the hand of total understanding of anatomy and life drawing. I've always been surprisingly good at gesture drawing but ACTUALLY drawing a realistic figure has always been a challenge for me.I started to look up youtube vids on why my drawings were so stiff, and I found this super helpful one that really put everything into perspective. 


Drawing the basic shapes first and then going into the minor details later was really helpful tip because I usually just spend more of my time focusing on the minor details without building a proper foundation for my drawings, highlight the part of the body where the muscles move together and how they interact also really helped me a bunch in terms of how they overlap with each other in certain poses..



While looking for help with posing, I found this cool artist named Luna who has a really cool buddy cop Halloween town comic, they have really cool illstruations and I love their characters and posing. I might do an artist appreciation post for them sometime later...maybe

After doing some figure drawings, I make some expression sketches with one of my characters, Beau, who from a series of daydreams I've been having and been posting about on Tumblr and my daydream blog...

I made more than one, but that one is the best one out of the bunch, IMO. Thinking about the body in shapes and how those shapes interact and connect with each other make dynamic poses really hit home for me.  I started to work on the short sketch comic with Beau and his little sister Carrie but I could feel burnout quickly approaching so  I'll probably finish it tomorrow (hopefully)...

I'm really proud of the progress that I made in my poses in this post, I hope I can keep this mindset and momentum for whenever I work on my art again, which  I would like to be s everyday but if its not that's okay, I don't want to push myself and shame myself if I don't live up to my own expectation especially in the current environment I'm in, where I don't really have much control of what's happening to me but I'll will soon, I just need to wait and until then  I hope I can distract myself with bunch of cute art and sketches for now...