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Digi Art log 1#: Back into the art thing

Sketchbook Log 1: A New Start

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Today, my shipment of sketch books came in, I've been meaning to start a new sketchbook since I've kind of been in and out of an art block recently-- well not like a real art block where I can't make anything more like an art block where I feel like I have to keep making the same thing, so in response to that I bought some sketchbooks! Unlike my other sketchbook I want this one to be more of a visual journal or at least look visual interesting, I've filled up sketchbook before (PLENTLY of times) , they just never looked aesthetically pleasing they just looked like  a regular sketchbook, I was still proud of them like sketching wise, its always fun to look back my old work.

I remember when I discovered that sketchbook tour vids were a thing abd being surpised by how most of them were filled with full pages sketched/drawn up to the brim, how they used so many different colors and mediums, I just thought sketchbooks were for just sketching. I'm going to try to go easy on myself and try not to overthink stuff even though I never really overthink when starting a sketchbook. I never really understood the whole "DONT DRAW ON THE FiRST PAGE OF yOUR SKETcHBOOK:" thing I just drew whatever on my first page and just remember being really excited to start a sketchbook. 

Me being me I started to do some research on how to fill a sketchbook, but I did feel really weird asking how to fill a sketchbook because I feel like I should already know how to do this kind of stuff, but I guess it's never too late to learn new stuff I guess, I looked up some videos on youtube and most of them said the say general stuff that I already I had an idea for like drawing ocs, fanart, objects, figure drawing basically just drawing whatever lik eI usually do but there was a video that I found really helpful and interesting,..

These tips are the ones I found most helpful:

How To Fill Your Sketchbook 8-59 screenshotHow To Fill Your Sketchbook 8-59 screenshot

I want to document my journey in trying to fill this sketchbook on my blog, just to have something to look back on and to have something to post about on my blog, so hopefully I won't get too stressed out by this and it becomes a regular thing so...yeah


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