DigiLyfe- Too many Choices
Sketchbook Log 1: A New Start

Project Log 2: Making stuff again

Ok, so last month was freaking hard for me, I was on roll with working on my project I was working on my site, making downloads, making models, and making that FREAKIN' ICE CREAM TRUCK! (NEVER AGAIN!)! I feel into a really bad place and I was really out of it for weeks and didn't feel like working on anything, and at the same time I felt bad for not working on stuff, and whenever I try to work on stuff I would get major aniexty attacks! So, I started to do some more "self care" (I really dont like that word), I started journaling, and pacing myself by writing down what I wanted to do and what projects I wanted to work on, and just basically start taking better care of myself and start actually taking in accout of my mental health. Its gotten better and I have been feeling better its not a complete turn around but you know baby steps n' stuff...Anyway, on to my stuff....


I told myself I would try to make any more new models, but I couldn't help myself and so I mad  this cutie, her name is Yuki and she's a character that's actually soon to be (hopefully) a mascot/character for my neocities, I'm planning to make a whole section (or maybe another site) for my site mascots; just them interacting and doing cute old web stuff. In verison of Yuki, she's an vampire princess who wants to be idol like her fave idol, Miku Hastune, she also loves baseball and glitter and she likes to random attack people with her glitter filled baseballs (they're softballs btw).

This model was completely based of this scene girl moodboard I found on tumblr: 

I think I was pretty spot on with this model, I made the top (both the undershirt and the jacket ), socks, gloves, buttons, and bracelets myself in blender. I'm REALLY proud of how the bracelets can out and I'm thinking about putting them up for download sometime later:

I want to use Yuki in some animations (of course) specifically "My Axe Is My Buddy" and one of the remixes of the song "Bababooshka", and yes I got those ideas from Tiktok, how else as a young person am I supposed to spend my time?

Another MMD thing I've been working on is starting a comic called DigiLyfe, an AU with my Chara Bites character where its set in a life simulation game like the sims. I came up with the idea because I've gotten really bored with The Sims but I really like the editing and the story-telling  simmers do with stuff like screenshots and edits. I do take some tips and tricks from the sims homies that I like and use it for my editing in general with mmd stuff, especially for my Chara bites comics....


I've only made like two pages so far, but its pretty fun to try and replicate the whole sims look and the Simblr post feel, this "story" isnt going to effect the story going on in Chara Bites this is just a fun kind of creative thing I wanted to do to use my models more, speaking of which...

I'm also currently working on two Chara Bites comics, one that introduces the whole "The Blank" concept, which is a pocket dimension that Prisma discovers thats basically a blank space where anything can happen, this is way for me to get away with no using a full background in some of my renders because I cna just say the characters are in "The blank" and I can feel free not to feel bad or lazy for not using a background. The other comic introduces Wisteria and Aeoreia, two of my kid OCs (who I love very much and I really think I did a good job with their designs ) and them discovering  and trying to hide their magical girl idenities from Primsa and Bara. 

(This one is from "The Blank")

(This one is from "The THUD" the one featuring Wisteria and Aoreia)

Working my original character models makes me realize how cool and unique my characters are, I mean everyone's characters are cool  and unique but think about--when are you going to read a comic that has a NEET, a flower ghoul, an angel/succubus hybrid, a demon prince, two magical girls and a goddess (who will show up in the comics eventually) and cute CHOA?!  (I feel like someone reading this is gonna be like "Well, actually...") but I just wanna hype myself up (since I dont be doing that too often or often as I should), I just get so caught up in what everyone else has and what every else is doing that I forget all that cool stuff that make for myself. I really need to start appreciating my own work more often, and making this post is a step in the right direction....

That's all the stuff I'm currently working on right now, I kind of want to make some animatics with my other OCs as a way just to dip my foot into the water that is 2d animation, but currently I have nothing to show for it at the moment but its still just an idea, and I want to work to make some cool stuff for my neocities site again, and finish or at least start editing my "making of bliss" vid, start making more stuff for download, making a room for bliss and making it first person walking sim, and finishing coding my boba tea game--OOF! AGAIN, I alway forget that I always have cool stuff to work even thouogh I have a BIG FEAR of having nothing cool to do--OOF


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