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April 2021

Sketchbook Log 1: A New Start

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Today, my shipment of sketch books came in, I've been meaning to start a new sketchbook since I've kind of been in and out of an art block recently-- well not like a real art block where I can't make anything more like an art block where I feel like I have to keep making the same thing, so in response to that I bought some sketchbooks! Unlike my other sketchbook I want this one to be more of a visual journal or at least look visual interesting, I've filled up sketchbook before (PLENTLY of times) , they just never looked aesthetically pleasing they just looked like  a regular sketchbook, I was still proud of them like sketching wise, its always fun to look back my old work.

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Project Log 2: Making stuff again

Ok, so last month was freaking hard for me, I was on roll with working on my project I was working on my site, making downloads, making models, and making that FREAKIN' ICE CREAM TRUCK! (NEVER AGAIN!)! I feel into a really bad place and I was really out of it for weeks and didn't feel like working on anything, and at the same time I felt bad for not working on stuff, and whenever I try to work on stuff I would get major aniexty attacks! So, I started to do some more "self care" (I really dont like that word), I started journaling, and pacing myself by writing down what I wanted to do and what projects I wanted to work on, and just basically start taking better care of myself and start actually taking in accout of my mental health. Its gotten better and I have been feeling better its not a complete turn around but you know baby steps n' stuff...Anyway, on to my stuff....

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