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Project log: Mannequins twins, Hats, Ice cream truck

Hello, and welcome to my first project log post, a post where I go over and reflect on whatever project(s) currently have my attention

This week spent a lot of time working on clothes and object for the 3D animation/render program called MMD (Miku Miku Dance), that I made in Blender. I've been doing this because I saw a lot of other MMD'ers (people who use and make assets for MMD) uploading downloads for clothes and objects they made, also people were sharing screenshots of their WIPs in the mmd discord server I'm in. It looked fun and challenging so I thought I might try my hand at it too. This wasn't the first time I made clothes in Blender for MMD, the first time I did I made a cute hoodie that I saw on Pinterest, but due to my novice skills (and not even using a base as a well....base to make sure the clothes actually fit like clothes on the model oof) it came out pretty weird and blocky.

Screenshot 2021-02-18 180143

Screenshot 2021-02-18 180820

The next time I tried making a shirt was with  my Birch Small model I made a few months ago...

Bandicam 2020-11-08 02-14-11-474

I think it's the best shirt I made so far honestly, it's the only clothing items where the collar doesn't turn into a weird square shape (yeah still trying to work that kink out)

I also quickly whipped up some new models in PMX editor (a companion application that allows the uses to make and edit models specifically for MMD), I got really hung up and debating whether or not to make extra facial morphs for these model ( facial morphs are another thing I would like to challenge myself with in MMD/PMX especially mouth morphs because you can make some pretty expressive faces with those), so I just settled on the standard ones that came with face edits, and just edit the skin texture (which came out pretty good) and the eyes a bit.


The two models are twins, named Manny and Quinn (get it heh) , I made up a back story for them where they just two young adults who like fashion, and like to go thrifting and like to upcycle clothes and they show off their haul on a late-night public access show (that their mom got for them for their birthday). Sometimes they'll also show weird miscellaneous objects they find while thrifting and Quinn likes to show off the results of her baking skills.

So yeah, that's a story

I started with just making simple clothing items like a hat, then upgrade to an outfit, then quickly escalated to an ice cream truck oof...

Preview 1

Okay, so at first I wanted to make some ice cream/popsicle models to practice make models out of simple shapes in Blender based off of this ice cream truck menu I found on Pinterest...

Menu Ref

But then I thought "Yoo, that's A LOT of ice cream" so I thought I might as well make like a cart or something but then I thought "a cart can't whole ALL that ice cream" so then my mind naturally drifted to the idea of an ice cream truck and HERE WE ARE IN THE FUTURE

I think I bit off more than I can chew with this model oof! I got half until I realized that I was basically just making a mini stage, oof! I still decided to continue with the model because I got pretty far and I already showed it off to people in the Discord who seem pretty hyped for it so, THE SHOW MUST GO ON! At the time of making this post, Im almost done with the first texture for the truck (I'm planning to make at least three different Aesthetic for the truck Kidcore, Pastel Kidcore, and just regular soft aesthetic pastel) after I get this texture done it should be pretty much a breeze since I'm going to use the first texture as a template for the others....

Preview 2

After the truck then I'll make the ice cream with shouldn't take too long in theory because ice cream/popsicles are simple shapes most of the time, but I'll see if that theory holds up in practice. I plan to make more ice cream and popsicle models but those will probably be uploaded in like volumes/packs separate from the ice cream truck itself (not more ice cream trucks after this one oof) . Other than ice cream truck, I also made a sky dome template because I just figured out how people make those moving patterned backgrounds in their mmd vids. I want to use in a mmd video that I'm currently making (which needs its own separate post just to get into)...


Also made the seeing stone from Coraline, which was pretty easy to make and I even learned who make a swirly marble texture in Photoshop.

People seemed to really like my models so far, which is pretty reassuring, and they really seem to like the whole infomercial aesthetic that I've adopted for my download previews...

On1yAesthetics' Coraline Seeing Stones

While making these assets Im slowly starting to realize my model style is kind of Kidcore, Y2Kcore, Kawaii aesthetic, with a little bit of weirdcore/dreamcore at least in my opinion at the moment..

I'm hoping to make some more assets cuz their really fun to make, I get most of my assets ideas from cool stuff I find on Pinterest, if like an Animal Crossing design or something that came from another artist work, I make sure to credit them always...

After the ice cream truck and a few other assets I'm planning to make my own mmd model of Prompts from FF15 (because that hyperfixication just DOESN'T know when to die down oof), hopefully I can work on some morphs with that model..



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