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Download Post: On1yAesthetics Ice Cream Truck Pack

OOF! DARE LORD THIS TOOOK CENTURIES! THIS IS THE LAST TIME I'M GONNA ACCIDENTALLY MAKE A STAGE OOF! Anyways, this little ( or at least should have been a little project) started as a way for me to practice making simple shaped models, and I thought a popsicle would probably be the best thing to practice that with, but one can't just make ONE popsicle and you can't just have a popsicle pack just floating in the ether with no place to call home, and I guess you can figure out how the rest went down...oof! This is gonna be the last BIG pack I'm just gonna go back to download smaller stuff like clothes or like earrings n' stuff! I hope SOMEONE SOMEWHERE gets some enjoy or use of out of this, I did really enjoy making the popsicles themselves, especially the character ones, prolly' sometime (A WAAAAY LATER SOMETIME) I'll make another volume of popsicles with different characters but Sonic, Spongebob, and Sherk and the others are good enough for now, so please enjoy the product of two weeks of looking at an ice cream truck menu...

(P.S this model is pretty big and I tried my best  to make sure everything is like translated and in order, but knowing me there's probably gonna be a few things that are just gonna NOT, you know but its nothing that spending like 2 mins in pmx can't fix..oof)

On1yaesthetics' Ice Cream Truck Pack

Includes Ice Cream Truck

Comes in 

  • Kidcore
  • Pastel/Soft Aesthetic


  • A Sliding Front Window
  • Moveable Back Doors
  • Moveable Driver Windows (Up and Down)
  • Shelves and a Counter (for inside decorating purposes)
  • Customizable Posters (UVs included in pack)

*Wheels DO NOT MOVE and are a bit uneven 

"Cool Kids" Outfit

  • 35 texture/Color combos
  • Includes PSD template
  • Soft/Pastel Aesthetic
  • Kidcore Aesthetic
  • Fem and Masc Fitting

Fits TDA Female Base and Jjinomu Male Base

35 Popsicles 

  • 7 Character Pops (Spongebob, Sonic, Sherk, Spiderman, TMNT Mikey, Tweety, and Froggy)
  • 28 Nostalgic Pops based on Real Popsicle and Ice cream flavors/brands


Pngs and Patterns by


Froggy Pop inspired by Plushpon


DA Rules📕:

Good Idea (D0)✔️:

  • Edit Textures
  • Credit me ( Cinderpeach/on1yhere4aesthetics)
  • Editing in general (if you up for it, just credit me tho')


  • Do not redistribute unless on finished model ( in terms of the outfit)
  • Do not claim as your own

Download On1yAesthetic- (MMD) Ice cream Truck Pack

Making Of: CHILDERN????

    Oof, I feel like I'm always making "Making Of" post about me making models, but I really like doing these post so "OH WELL"! Anyway, a few days ago I got my hands on a really cute toddler/baby base model, I remember back in the old  MMD days there were some baby/toddler bases but now there no where to be found on DA, I chalk that up to do either the account that used to host those downloads were deactivated or maybe too many weirdoes did too many weirdo things idk, there are still like child bases the one made by Kiskisbellas seem to be pretty popular but there haven't been ANY cute baby/toddler bases until a few days ago, I was scrolling through Insta because that's what you do as a young 20-something, seeing that other peeps were up to both art-wise and life wise. One of the people I follow named Cosmo made a story about how to make baby/toddler bases because they recently been showing off some really cute baby OCs recently, I tried to follow the tutorial but it kind of got a little Oof on my end when it came to down sizing the arms (DARN U CHILD BASE ARMS!!!), so instead of making myself go insane, I decided to just ask Cosmo for help (for once). I DM'd them and they responded pretty quickly, and I suggested to them that maybe it would be cool to put the base up for download (for those of us who are having a hard time following the story tutorial). Cosmo really seemed to like the idea, so they give me a link to the base download, and later that day the base was up for DM download.

So, when I got the base I was SO psyched, I've been meaning to make some kid clothes too for the MMD community, but not just for Kiskisbellas' kid base but for Cosmo baby/toddler base as well. I did make a separate edit of Cosmo toddler base just to make it a bit taller but not as tall as Kiskisballs' kid base...



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Project log: Mannequins twins, Hats, Ice cream truck

Hello, and welcome to my first project log post, a post where I go over and reflect on whatever project(s) currently have my attention

This week spent a lot of time working on clothes and object for the 3D animation/render program called MMD (Miku Miku Dance), that I made in Blender. I've been doing this because I saw a lot of other MMD'ers (people who use and make assets for MMD) uploading downloads for clothes and objects they made, also people were sharing screenshots of their WIPs in the mmd discord server I'm in. It looked fun and challenging so I thought I might try my hand at it too. This wasn't the first time I made clothes in Blender for MMD, the first time I did I made a cute hoodie that I saw on Pinterest, but due to my novice skills (and not even using a base as a well....base to make sure the clothes actually fit like clothes on the model oof) it came out pretty weird and blocky.

Screenshot 2021-02-18 180143

Screenshot 2021-02-18 180820

The next time I tried making a shirt was with  my Birch Small model I made a few months ago...

Bandicam 2020-11-08 02-14-11-474

I think it's the best shirt I made so far honestly, it's the only clothing items where the collar doesn't turn into a weird square shape (yeah still trying to work that kink out)

I also quickly whipped up some new models in PMX editor (a companion application that allows the uses to make and edit models specifically for MMD), I got really hung up and debating whether or not to make extra facial morphs for these model ( facial morphs are another thing I would like to challenge myself with in MMD/PMX especially mouth morphs because you can make some pretty expressive faces with those), so I just settled on the standard ones that came with face edits, and just edit the skin texture (which came out pretty good) and the eyes a bit.


The two models are twins, named Manny and Quinn (get it heh) , I made up a back story for them where they just two young adults who like fashion, and like to go thrifting and like to upcycle clothes and they show off their haul on a late-night public access show (that their mom got for them for their birthday). Sometimes they'll also show weird miscellaneous objects they find while thrifting and Quinn likes to show off the results of her baking skills.

So yeah, that's a story

I started with just making simple clothing items like a hat, then upgrade to an outfit, then quickly escalated to an ice cream truck oof...

Preview 1

Okay, so at first I wanted to make some ice cream/popsicle models to practice make models out of simple shapes in Blender based off of this ice cream truck menu I found on Pinterest...

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Download Post: On1yAesthetics' DIY Skydomes

Okay, Okay, this will probably be my last upload for a min (probably idk ), anyways I don't know if there are any skydome templates in the MMD community if there is, here's another one! I made it really simple to use and add instructions in the text file (as usual)

On1yAesthetics DIY Skydome 

6 Sky Textures (Just as placeholders it is a skydome after all)

  • PSD file included
  • UV Include
  • Base Template Included 
  • Size, Transparent/Alpha, and Texture  Change Silders 


Template  Test Grid Texure from blender

Sky Dome Textures by iTaeySweet 

Skydome Sphere by Me (On1yhere4Aesthetics/Cinderpeach)

DA Rules📕:

Good Idea (D0)✔️:

  • Edit Textures
  • Credit me ( Cinderpeach/on1yhere4aesthetics)
  • Editing in general (if you up for it, just credit me tho')


  • Do not redistribute unless on a finished stage
  • Do not claim as your own

Download On1yAesthetics' DIY Skydomes

Download Post: On1yAestheitcs' Coraline Seeing Stone

Call me butter cuz' I'm on a ROLL!! I'm planning to use this model in an upcoming vid  I'm making (if it EVER gets done) its NOT Coraline-related, but the seeing stone is used tho' so yeah that's happening...(I'm also working on another big download but I'm not sure when I'll be finished with that one so stay tune!) Anyways on to the model...

On1yAestheitcs' Coraline Seeing Stone

27 Textures

  • 9 "Coraline" Inspired colors 
  • 6 pastel colors
  • 12 glitter textures

PSD file Included For Editing (Instructions in README.txt)


Seeing Stone Mesh by me (Made in Bender)

Swirly Marble Textures by me

Glitter textures by unknown (I download them a long time ago and there's no name or credit to be found in the file folder

Tea set by Gadgeteer61

Star Candy by CabbageBowl

ChopSticks by モノゾフ

DA Rules📕:

Good Idea (D0)✔️:

  • Edit Textures
  • Credit me ( Cinderpeach/on1yhere4aesthetics)
  • Editing in general (if you up for it, just credit me tho')


  • Do not redistribute unless on a finished model
  • Do not claim as your own

Download On1yAesthetics' Coraline Seeing Stones

Download Post: On1yAesthetics ACNH Inspired Fits: Tofuu's Bunny Fruit Dress


Aye, yo!!! back at it again with the downloads, I know I said the next one would be food-related but inspiration struck and this happened! I really like how this came out, I was working on this for practice in blender using New Horizon Designs as a ref, but it just look so cute that I decided to share it with other peeps. The texture is still a bit wonky in places and the physics are non-existence but that's okay its all apart of learning. I'm thinking of making more of these and sharing them but ONLY if this series of downloads doesn't upset anyone! I WILL swiftly and respectfully take down the download and even discontinue this download series as a whole if it makes people upset, but I will always make sure to credit the ORIGINAL designers and link back to their post or socials (if they're still active) and I'll ONLY use designs that I can link back the original post and/or creator. I mean no harm when posting this stuff I just think the clothes in Animal Crossing are so cute and it would be cool if we could have some in the MMD community. Again I will ALWAYS make sure to credit the original creator for the design and will cease this DL series if things get too out of hand,  I hope I'm understood...Anyways...on to the download

On1yAesthetics ACNH Inspired Fits: Tofuu's Bunny Fruit Dress

Two Colors

  • Black
  • Pink

Matching Bunny Beret Hats Included (its weighted this time!)

Design by Tofuu/Starberrypacth on Twitter (x)

(Feel Free to download the original design to your Animal Crossing game, if you have Animal Crossing and STILL have space in your pattern storage, you can bookmark/like (if you have a Twitter account) the tweet for later Animal Crossing use)

DA Rules📕:

Good Idea (D0)✔️:

  • Edit Textures
  • Credit me ( Cinderpeach/on1yhere4aesthetics) and Tofuu/Starberrypatch
  • Editing in general (if you up for it, just credit me tho')


  • Do not redistribute unless on a finished model
  • Do not claim as your own  

Download On1yAesthetic ACHN Inspired Designs- Tofuu's Bunny Fruit Dress

(Download may take a bit)

Download Post: On1yAesthetics Bucket Hats

(click audio track for sound)

Oof! Didn't really expect my first post on this blog to be a download post but HERE WE ARE IN THE FUTURE! anyways, I decided to have my MMD downloads to be under the "brand name" if you can even call it that, On1y Aesthetics because my username on Deviantart is On1yhere4aesthetics (its a longgg story), plus it just sounds cute! this is only the first post featuring my "models" model, Manny! I'm planning to use his twin sis, Quinn (you get it? heh) in the next download which will be food related. I'm really happy with not only how the hats came out but the preview as well, I think I really nailed the informercial aesthetic! (some of the textures are still kind of wonky but its okay, we still learning)

On1yAesthetics' Bucket Hats

149 Textures 

  • 64 Colors
  • 58 Patterns (cute, wacky, retro, checkered & MORE!)
  • 24 Character/Logos (PPG, MyMelody, Kuromi, Gudetama, Nasa & MORE!)

PSD file included (for mix and matching textures) instructions on how to use the PSD file (even if you dont have Photoshop are in the Readme.txt)

Patterns from ☆◦Dear Teddy Bear ☆◦ Thearchetypes ☆◦fattyBear ☆◦LittleDr3ams ☆◦burn the life ☆◦ in my paraside ☆◦ FranceEditions☆◦ xHoldTightx

Color swatches from WildlyMinituareSandwich and ThaiNoodles 

This model is not weighted, but instructions on how to weight the hat are included in the readme.txt!

DA Rules📕:

Good Idea (D0)✔️:

  • Edit Textures
  • Credit me ( Cinderpeach/on1yhere4aesthetics)
  • Editing in general (if you up for it, just credit me tho')


  • Do not redistribute unless on a finished model
  • Do not claim as your own


Download On1yAesthetics Bucket Hats

(Download may take a bit)