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OOF! DARE LORD THIS TOOOK CENTURIES! THIS IS THE LAST TIME I'M GONNA ACCIDENTALLY MAKE A STAGE OOF! Anyways, this little ( or at least should have been a little project) started as a way for me to practice making simple shaped models, and I thought a popsicle would probably be the best thing to practice that with, but one can't just make ONE popsicle and you can't just have a popsicle pack just floating in the ether with no place to call home, and I guess you can figure out how the rest went down...oof! This is gonna be the last BIG pack I'm just gonna go back to download smaller stuff like clothes or like earrings n' stuff! I hope SOMEONE SOMEWHERE gets some enjoy or use of out of this, I did really enjoy making the popsicles themselves, especially the character ones, prolly' sometime (A WAAAAY LATER SOMETIME) I'll make another volume of popsicles with different characters but Sonic, Spongebob, and Sherk and the others are good enough for now, so please enjoy the product of two weeks of looking at an ice cream truck menu...

(P.S this model is pretty big and I tried my best  to make sure everything is like translated and in order, but knowing me there's probably gonna be a few things that are just gonna NOT, you know but its nothing that spending like 2 mins in pmx can't fix..oof)

On1yaesthetics' Ice Cream Truck Pack

Includes Ice Cream Truck

Comes in 

  • Kidcore
  • Pastel/Soft Aesthetic


  • A Sliding Front Window
  • Moveable Back Doors
  • Moveable Driver Windows (Up and Down)
  • Shelves and a Counter (for inside decorating purposes)
  • Customizable Posters (UVs included in pack)

*Wheels DO NOT MOVE and are a bit uneven 

"Cool Kids" Outfit

  • 35 texture/Color combos
  • Includes PSD template
  • Soft/Pastel Aesthetic
  • Kidcore Aesthetic
  • Fem and Masc Fitting

Fits TDA Female Base and Jjinomu Male Base

35 Popsicles 

  • 7 Character Pops (Spongebob, Sonic, Sherk, Spiderman, TMNT Mikey, Tweety, and Froggy)
  • 28 Nostalgic Pops based on Real Popsicle and Ice cream flavors/brands


Pngs and Patterns by


Froggy Pop inspired by Plushpon


DA Rules📕:

Good Idea (D0)✔️:

  • Edit Textures
  • Credit me ( Cinderpeach/on1yhere4aesthetics)
  • Editing in general (if you up for it, just credit me tho')


  • Do not redistribute unless on finished model ( in terms of the outfit)
  • Do not claim as your own

Download On1yAesthetic- (MMD) Ice cream Truck Pack


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